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Thanks for all of your hard work!

You are invaluable to us because without you this program isn't possible.  The resources below have been assembled to help support your programs.  Please register and login above to have access to the private forums where you can talk to other Peer Educators and health professionals to develop project ideas, collaborate with other campuses, or ask questions if you need help.

This is a good place for adding more preconception health resources that may help you and other PPEs in California. Let us know if you have a good resource to add and where you think it should go by emailing, or better yet, login and add the resource yourself! Once approved, it will show up on the site. 

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Watch videos from Unnatural Causes (When the Bough Breaks) and Crisis in the Crib here! This is a good place for adding more preconception health resources. so let us know if you have a good resource to add by emailing, or better yet, create an account and add the resource yourself! Once approved, it will show up on the site.
Available Resources
Can't find that email? Don't fret. Informational emails that were sent to Preconception Peer Educators on our email list are archived here.
Keywords: E-mails; emails; PPE communication; weekly digest/message; CPPEC; California Preconception Peer Education Collaborative
Doing any kind of volunteer work usually requires some money—for printing, supplies, etc. It can be tough to come up with the resources that you need on a limited budget, but here are some ideas to get started.
Keywords: money; monies; grants; financial resources; tips
Discussion forums are the best way to stay in touch with other PPEs and know what is going on. Sign in and subscribe to the forum so you can talk about the great work you are doing, plan activities with nearby campuses, and get help when you need it!
In addition to the personalized tools that may be available to you through your campus or elsewhere, the Preconception Health Council of California has resources that can help to publicize your PPE program (resources, trainings or other events).
Keywords: PPE training/event; marketing; publicity; students; campus outreach; community outreach; education
Resources from the federal Office of Minority Health (OMH) provide background about the PPE program, key national resources and opportunities to dialogue with PPEs across states.
Keywords: PPE; preconception peer educators; preconception health; Office of Minority Health; OMH; college students; universities; interns; national resources
Here you will find information related to the development of CSU Northridge's Preconception Peer Education organization. Find tips about setting up your organization, as well as sample projects, etc.
Keywords: PPE; preconception peer education; next steps; organization; club
Find state and local contact information, including pertinent websites, to help with your preconception health activities.
Keywords: PPE; preconception peer educators; preconception health; college students; universities; interns; California; state; county resources; local health jurisdictions; Region 5; MCAH Directors
Now that you're trained it is important to get organized an become an official organization on campus. This will help you access campus resources and allow PPE to have a lasting impact on your campus.
Want to become a PPE? Looking for a training to attend? Here is a list of the upcoming Peer Educator trainings.
Keywords: training peer educator upcoming
To receive the letter of appreciation from the California Department of Public Health, one of the requirements for trained PPEs is to participate in a follow up training webinar. Learn more about follow up training. Information about follow up calls for the Office of Minority Health will also be listed here.
Keywords: follow up; additional training; certificate; requirements; credit;
Looking for PowerPoint slides from a past peer educator training/event? Check here!
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