Right After Your Training

Thank you for your participation!

Congratulations on completing your training for the Preconception Peer Educator (PPE) program!  You've completed the first step in your journey to becoming a successful PPE.  Peer Educators are valuable members of their campus and local communities. To get involved, you have already taken the first step, which is attending a training to familiarize yourself with the concept of preconception health, so congratulations to you! You now know that...

  • Pregnancies are optimal when they are planned and occur when health and social circumstances are ideal
  • The time before pregnancy is crucial for a healthy pregnancy because critical development occurs early in pregnancy, often before a women discovers she is pregnant
  • 400 micrograms of folic acid daily is an important and easy way to help prevent birth defects--and that ALL women and girls of reproductive age need it, regardless of pregnancy intention
  • Promoting preconception health helps women, men and their families even if they do not plan to have a child

For a refresher on preconception health, read about preconception health and check out common questions, or simply, browse this site.

So what now?

The PPE program is designed to encourage you to start a new PPE campus organization or affiliate with an existing club that is interested in taking on PPE as a major project.  Examples of existing clubs include those targeting pre-med, public health, nursing, child development, gender studies, or other organizations that are interested in improving the health of men and women.

Now that you're trained, we want you to get started as quickly as possible.  Here you will find resources for your immediate next steps to obtaining your certificate, becoming a chartered organization on campus, developing a work plan, partnering with local organizations, applying for funding, getting connected with other students, and training new students.

Available Resources
Can't find that email? Don't fret. Informational emails that were sent to Preconception Peer Educators on our email list are archived here.
Keywords: E-mails; emails; PPE communication; weekly digest/message; CPPEC; California Preconception Peer Education Collaborative
Doing any kind of volunteer work usually requires some money—for printing, supplies, etc. It can be tough to come up with the resources that you need on a limited budget, but here are some ideas to get started.
Keywords: money; monies; grants; financial resources; tips
Looking for PowerPoint slides from a past peer educator training/event? Check here!
Keywords: Slides; handouts; PowerPoint; PPE; preconception peer education
Now that you're trained it is important to get organized an become an official organization on campus. This will help you access campus resources and allow PPE to have a lasting impact on your campus.
Learn more about the training and program requirements for receiving a certificate of completion from the Federal Office of Minority Health and a letter of appreciation from the California Department of Public Health for your participation in the Preconception Peer Educators Program.
Keywords: credit; requirement; training; certificate; appreciation; documentation
Discussion forums are the best way to stay in touch with other PPEs and know what is going on. Sign in and subscribe to the forum so you can talk about the great work you are doing, plan activities with nearby campuses, and get help when you need it!
Find state and local contact information, including pertinent websites, to help with your preconception health activities.
Keywords: PPE; preconception peer educators; preconception health; college students; universities; interns; California; state; county resources; local health jurisdictions; Region 5; MCAH Directors
To receive the letter of appreciation from the California Department of Public Health, one of the requirements for trained PPEs is to participate in a follow up training webinar. Learn more about follow up training. Information about follow up calls for the Office of Minority Health will also be listed here.
Keywords: follow up; additional training; certificate; requirements; credit;
Need money for your project? Funding opportunities for preconception health efforts will be posted here. Projects might involve working with a public health organization in your community. Have funding to publicize? Contact info@everywomancalifornia.org to have your link/information included on this page.
Keywords: money; monies; grants; financial resources
Here you will find information related to the development of CSU Northridge's Preconception Peer Education organization. Find tips about setting up your organization, as well as sample projects, etc.
Keywords: PPE; preconception peer education; next steps; organization; club
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