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Available Resources
Learn about the symptoms, prevalence, prevention and the societal impact of FASD. Fact sheets were developed by the Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division. Available in English and Spanish.
Keywords: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders; alcohol; perinatal substance use prevention
Postpartum clinical tools developed by PHFE WIC as part of the WOW program.
Find additional preconception health websites here. The Spanish list is growing as well.
Keywords: preconception health; reproductive years; childbearing years; reproductive life planning; before pregnancy; between pregnancies; interconception health; healthy pregnancy; women's health
Interview about folic acid and preconception health in Spanish. An alternative to written materials, this audio clip is a conversation between a doctor and patient about the importance of consuming folic acid before pregnancy. It also covers other preconception health topics.
Keywords: interview; alert; alerta; folic acid; folate; vitamin; multivitamin; B-vitamin;, before pregnancy; Spanish; Español
The Interconception Care Project for California, led by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, District IX and funded by March of Dimes, California Chapter, created the following recommendations to improve and promote the interconception health of women by maximizing care provided during the postpartum visit – an ideal, and often the only, visit to address a woman’s health before another pregnancy.
CDC folic acid posters that would go nicely with a New Years resolution theme: e.g., choose water as a main fluid choice, be physically active, or eat more vegetables PLUS consume 400 mcg of folic acid daily.
Keywords: CDC, folic acid, folic acid awareness week, exercise, water, veggies, vegetables, English, Spanish
Easy Meals and Snacks: A Healthy Cookbook for Teens contains meal-planning tips, healthy recipes and fitness tips to encourage adolescents to make more nutritious food choices through simple food preparation for themselves and their families. Available in English and Spanish and in web-friendly and printable formats.
Keywords: healthy eating; teens; food; preparation; recipes; cookbook; fit tips; fitness tips; weight
Free, electronic materials available for download. English and Spanish resources are available.
Keywords: wallet cards; business cards; bookmarks; EVERY DAY mnemonic; preconception health tips; reminder
The South Los Angeles Health Projects/Los Angeles BioMed Women Infants and Children Program composed a reproductive life plan to help women periodically consider their life goals, to make plans to have a healthy interbirth interval, to make plans to stay healthy and to discuss their life plans with their partners. The plan is available in English and Spanish.
Keywords: reproductive life plan, parents, women with children, after a baby, interbirth interval, interpregnancy interval
This guide to staying healthy is brought to you by This guide offers you a plan for health at all stages of life. It begins with healthy behaviors to prevent and manage the many health conditions that can affect you.
The South Los Angeles Health Projects/Los Angeles BioMed Women Infants and Children Program composed a postpartum checklist for women to take to their 6-week postpartum visit to help guide the discussion and ensure appropriate questions are answered. This checklist is availabe in English and Spanish.
Keywords: interconception, postpartum, visit, just had a baby, doctor, healthcare
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