I'd like to have a baby someday

...but now is not the right time!

A great gift is best appreciated when it is given at the right time. For you, now is not the right time to have a baby, but that time will come. Even though a baby is not in your immediate plans, there are still things you need to do for yourself now.  Long before you get pregnant you want to be sure that your mind, body, and environment give you the best chance at having a healthy life...and one day a healthy pregnancy.

Some things to think about are taking a daily folic acid supplement--in addition to preventing birth defects, your skin and nails will look fantastic), eating nutritious meals, getting regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep, achieving a healthy weight, managing any chronic diseases such as diabetes or depression, and finding the right partner or continuing to develop healthy relationships.  You might be surprised at how big an impact the things you do for yourself now will benefit you and your baby in the future.  Below is some information to help you plan for a fabulously full life!

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Taking good care of your physical health can help you to look and feel your best. Here are a few tips to keep your body healthy and strong and keep you feeling good. If you get pregnant, staying healthy now will help you to have a healthy pregnancy later, whenever that might be.
Your health is affected by the environment in which you live. Follow these guidelines to avoid exposure to toxins, hazards and conditions that could affect your health.
Your emotional and mental health have a big impact on your physical health. Here are a few ways to reduce your stress, stay balanced and improve your overall health.
Almost half of pregnancies in California are unplanned. Make a plan so that you can pursue your goals and dreams and have a baby if or when you are ready.
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