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Having a baby is an experience that transforms your life. While you may be a bit busy right now, it is important to think about your health so you can take good care of your baby.  Your health now is central to the health of your baby.  It is important to wait at least 18 months before having your next baby so that your body has time to rest, you have time to bond with your baby and you'll be prepared to experience the joys of motherhood all over again. 

Things you'll want to think about now are what birth control method will you use to prevent another pregnancy very quickly?  Were there health issues during your pregnancy that you need to follow up on like gestational diabetes?  Do you need help with breastfeeding or nutrition support?  How can you make sure your body, mind and environment give you and your baby their best shot at a healthy productive life?  I know it is a lot to think about, but we have some information below that will help!

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Taking good care of your physical health can help you to look and feel your best. Here are a few tips to keep your body healthy and strong and keep you feeling good. If you get pregnant, staying healthy now will help you to have a healthy pregnancy later, whenever that might be.
Your health is affected by the environment in which you live. Follow these guidelines to avoid exposure to toxins, hazards and conditions that could affect your health.
Your emotional and mental health have a big impact on your physical health. Here are a few ways to reduce your stress, stay balanced and improve your overall health.
Almost half of pregnancies in California are unplanned. Make a plan so that you can pursue your goals and dreams and have a baby if or when you are ready.
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