Taking any type of legal or street drug can be harmful to your health. Drugs can cause damage to your organs and lead to serious infections. Drugs can also interfere with your ability to think straight and make good decisions, which can put your life in danger. Examples of dangerous drugs include marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, and amphetamines. Taking prescription medications differently than a doctor prescribes can also be harmful to your health. It is especially important for women of reproductive age to know about the dangers of using drugs in case they become pregnant.

If you are using drugs and you get pregnant, can it hurt the baby?

Yes. Marijuana may slow the growth of the baby if used during pregnancy. Also, if you’re trying to get pregnant, marijuana may make it harder. Amphetamines, including speed, crank, and meth, can cause serious birth defects and cause a baby to weigh too little or be born too early. Heroin can cause serious pregnancy complications and increases the risk of having a stillbirth. Cocaine can increase the risk of miscarriage or may prevent a baby from growing properly. Even prescription medications can cause severe birth defects and other problems. More information about how drugs can affect a pregnancy...

Resources that can help

Drugs can cause damage to the baby even before you know you are pregnant. If there is any chance that you could become pregnant, stop using now.

To find drug treatment facilities near you, visit the SAMHSA website. You can also call the toll-free number, 1-800-662-4357.

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