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About the Project

The Interconception Care Project for California is a collection of recommendations to improve and promote the interconception health of women by maximizing care provided during the postpartum visit – an ideal, and often the only, visit to address a woman’s health before another pregnancy.

Production and Use

The Interconception Care Project for California was produced by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, District IX and the March of Dimes and reviewed for medical accuracy.  The guidelines are considered a resource, but do not define the standard of care in California.  Readers are advised to adapt the guidelines and resources based on their local facility's level of care and patient populations served and are also advised not to rely solely on the guidelines presented here. 

The guidelines are distributed by the Preconception Health Council of California, a project of the California Department  of Public Health; Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division.  The guidelines may be reproduced and disseminated in any media in its original format, without modification, for informational, educational and non-commercial purposes only.  Any modification or use of the materials in any derivative work is prohibited without prior written permission of the California Department of Public Health.

What's included?

A panel of obstetric and health experts developed evidence-based postpartum clinical management algorithms and companion patient education materials based on the 21 most common pregnancy and delivery complications identified using ICD-9 discharge code data in California. The algorithms are designed to guide risk assessment, management and counseling based on adverse pregnancy outcome and/or maternal/neonatal complications in order to improve the mother’s health and reduce risks in future pregnancies. The patient handouts offer explanations of the condition and treatment options and discuss self-care strategies to improve the health of the woman, her new baby and any future pregnancies. The provider algorithms were reviewed by health care providers to assess their content and utility. Patient handouts were reviewed by Spanish-speaking and English-speaking patients.

Our hope is that providers and patients throughout California will find the materials valuable as a bridge between postpartum health and the future health of mothers and their babies.

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