Becoming an Official Organization

Making PPE Official

Becoming an officially recognized organization on  your campus is an important next step for newly trained PPEs on campuses where chapters do not already exist.  There are two ways to do this:

1) Complete the formal requirements to be a campus organization

2) Officially affiliate with an existing campus organization.

Most campuses choose option 1 because it allows them the opportunity to develop a new governance structure and to obtain resources specifically for the PPE program.   To become an official organization you'll need to select a faculty advisor, develop a constitution and by laws, and often select chapter officers. Some of the advantages of becoming a standalone organization are the ability to focus specifically on PPE projects, eligibility for campus organization awards and funding, increasing awareness of the importance of preconception health with an on campus presence.

Campuses with existing organizations for public health, nursing, pre-med, child development, and social work may elect option 2 and officially become a program of the existing organization.  This alleviates the need to select a new advisor or develop new governing materials, and in some instances this club may already have money and other campus and community contacts that will be useful.  However, it will still be necessary to amend the organization's bylaws to include the PPE program and determine how PPE projects and funding will be handled.

Sample Constitution

To help campuses with completing this process, we'll have provided an example Constitution from California State University, Northridge.  Please feel free to use the example in part or in whole.  Be sure to review the requirements for student organizations that are specific to your campus to ensure that all required information is included in the constitution.

Download Files:

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