Tips for Getting Money

Getting Money

Doing any kind of volunteer work usually requires some money—for printing, supplies, etc. It can be tough to come up with the resources that you need on a limited budget, but here are some ideas to get started.

Maximize your use of free resources

There is more out there than you may think and it is worth a try to discover what you can get for free. Here are some examples:

  • School-based resources:  As a student, you may have access to resources that an outsider would have to pay for—for example, you might be able to secure a classroom or lecture hall for free if a professor signs off on it. Once you graduate, room reservations can cost thousands of dollars.
  • Educational materials:  There are plenty of free educational materials available from credible sources, in both electronic and print format and sometimes in Spanish as well. For example, the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has printed preconception health educational materials that you can order for free! There are also free resources available from the California Department of Public Health and Every Woman California. Take advantage of these offers--printing costs can also run in the thousands and is often not as cost-effective for a small print job. Don’t waste your time trying to get something translated when a translated resource is already available!
  • Webinars and video clips:  In the digital age, many of these are available for free! Can’t get a speaker to travel to your campus? Host a documentary screening of Crisis in the Crib or Unnatural Causes or train using other videos/webinars that are available.

Don’t be shy…ask for donations!

Did you know that we received many donations to put on the CSU Fresno training? It IS possible. Many organizations would love to help you once they know about your efforts. Tell them about your project, what you need from them or how they can assist you. Many times organizations have extra money that they need to spend by a certain deadline. If they cannot directly provide money, perhaps they can provide lunch or snacks for your training or even pay for facility or speaker costs. You can go big or start small. You may be surprised that smaller organizations in your area are the most interested to help. Many would like for the funds that they provide to be invested in the same community.

Collaborate to share money

Stretch your dollars and collaborate with other organizations either on your campus or elsewhere and share your resources. Perhaps you can host an event with a local health department or another campus club. You may not have to pay anything or you may have to split costs (which is still generally less expensive).


A more traditional way of getting money is by hosting a fundraising event. This usually requires some investment, whether it’s your labor or money—some examples include hosting a car wash, run/walk or food sale.

Apply for grants

Many times free money is available—you just have to apply for it! Often, it will be helpful for you to collaborate with a local health department or organization to apply for money this way and use it together on a project. Funding may be found through When available, funding opportunities that are relevant for PPEs will also be shared on Every Woman California.

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