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Posted On: 07/11/2011 2:58 PM
Updated On: 07/11/2011 3:22 PM
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ContributorMargaret Lynn Yonekura
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Posted On: 07/12/2011 12:17 PM
Updated On: 07/12/2011 12:17 PM
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Please help publicize this data training.

Quick Health Data Training
Sent by Joyce Townser, Regional Women's Health Coordinator at the Office of Women's Health

We are pleased to announce the availability of online/telephone training on the Office on Women’s Health online information system QuickHealthDataOnline. The system contains data on demographics, mortality, reproductive and maternal health, disease incidence, and access to care at the county level for all states and territories; additionally, data are included on prevention, violence, and mental health at the state level. To the extent possible, data are provided by race, ethnicity and gender, and where applicable/available, by age. Also, the system incorporates graphing and mapping features so that the data of interest can be used directly as tables, graphs/chart and maps.

The training lasts one hour, and can be accessed using the following:
Toll Free Number: 1-877-925-6129 Passcode: 410171
Web address: www.womenshealth.gov/quickhealthdata

The dates/times available for the sessions are as follows:
Mon. July 18 4-5 pm eastern
Wed. July 20 2-3 pm eastern

Wed. Aug. 24 2-3 pm eastern
Fri. Aug. 26 11 am - 12 pm eastern

Mon. Sept. 19 3-4 pm eastern
Wed. Sept.. 21 1-2 pm eastern

You are welcome to attend any of these training sessions and to suggest additional topics!

ContributorMary Jane Roebuck
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Posted On: 07/14/2011 9:19 AM
Updated On: 07/14/2011 9:19 AM
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I followed up with San Diego County Public Health about the templates for the preconception wheels that were presented at the 3rd Preconception Summit. They are currently working on getting the blank templates ready for use. The templates will be available by the end of the month, and I'll post them as soon as I receive them.

ContributorConnie Mitchell
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Posted On: 07/20/2011 1:16 PM
Updated On: 07/20/2011 1:16 PM
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The Institute of Medicine has just released their report on recommendations regarding clinical preventive services for women. The IOM was charged with reviewing what preventive services are important to women’s health and well-being and to identify gaps in the preventive services already include in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Please see the attached brief and the full report is available from The National Academies Press.

Many of the issues that we at MCAH believe are important to maternal health are included in the document: preconception care through annual “well-woman” visits; reproductive health counseling and coverage for FDA-approved contraception; breastfeeding assistance including coverage for breast pumps; routine assessments for exposure to family violence and safety counseling; screening for STDs including HIV counseling and screening; and screening for gestational diabetes.

Now the recommendations go to the Secretary of Health for consideration and final approval. CDPH-MCAH agrees that there is sufficient evidence to support the eight recommendations and believe their full implementation will be important to our goals of improving the health of women of reproductive age whether they become pregnant or not. Healthy women are more likely to be healthy mothers with healthy babies.

Please share this good news with our partners and stakeholders.

Download Files:

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ContributorMary Jane Roebuck
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Posted On: 08/24/2011 2:51 PM
Updated On: 08/29/2011 10:07 AM
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San Diego County Department of Public Health sent me the templates for their preconception wheels, as presented at the 3rd National Summit on Preconception Health and Health Care.
There are 6 files - 2 pdfs (attached to this message) and 4 eps files, which I'll post separately. EPS files are only viewable within Adobe Creative Suite programs (InDesign, Photoshop etc.)
If you have questions about the preconception wheels, please contact Rhonda Freeman at San Diego County Department of Health. I have her contact information, as does Dana Edelman.

Download Files:

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ContributorMary Jane Roebuck
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Posted On: 08/24/2011 2:54 PM
Updated On: 08/24/2011 2:55 PM
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The EPS files referenced above are attached to this message. These files are only viewable within Adobe Creative Suite programs (InDesign, Photoshop etc.)

Download Files:

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ContributorSuzanne Haydu
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Posted On: 08/29/2011 3:51 PM
Updated On: 08/29/2011 3:51 PM
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Please check out California Department of Public Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division's new teen cookbook at

Look at the fitness tips and the ability to choose the recipe fruit and veggies by season!

AdministratorFlojaune Griffin
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Posted On: 09/08/2011 11:40 AM
Updated On: 09/08/2011 11:40 AM
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There is an opportunity to publicly comment on the Medicare Panel recommendation for STD screening and counseling by COB tomorrow (Sept 9).

A proposal is under consideration to expand Medicare services include screening for chlamydia and gonorrhea for at-risk women annually; annual syphilis testing for at-risk men and women; hepatitis screening for newly pregnant women and those at continuing risk; and 20- to 30-minute face-to-face high-intensity STD-prevention counseling sessions for sexually active adolescents and at-risk adults. The counseling components might include education, skills training and guidance on how to change sexual behavior. Additional changes could include adding coverage for screening and counseling to reduce alcohol misuse, and intensive behavioral therapy to prevent cardiovascular disease. While most Medicare patients are age 65 or older, about 10 percent are younger, primarily persons with disabilities.

The matter will remain open to public comment through (TOMORROW) Sept. 9. CMS will review the comments and evidence before issuing a final determination. For more information on the coverage proposal, visit http://go.cms.gov/mUUt7C. To comment, visit: http://go.cms.gov/nMoiC6.

ContributorMary Jane Roebuck
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Posted On: 09/15/2011 10:04 AM
Updated On: 09/15/2011 10:04 AM
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The American Journal of Health Promotion has issued a Call for Manuscripts for a special issue on preconception health.
If you have questions, contact information is at the end of the announcement.

Call for Manuscripts: Special Issue of the American Journal of Health Promotion
Effective Strategies for Promoting Preconception Health - From Research to Practice

Preconception health refers to the health and well-being of women of childbearing age. Preconception care is comprised of consumer education, clinical, public health and community interventions that identify and modify biomedical, behavioral and social risks to a woman's health. In tandem, these domains highlight the importance of women's health and wellness throughout their lives with a special emphasis on the years in which a woman can have children. Women's health is of critical importance during this time because of the impact it can have on the health of babies she may have. Half of all pregnancies are unplanned which underscores the need to educate all young women and men about the importance of preconception health and pregnancy planning. To date, there has been no national education campaign among consumers to promote the bundle of behaviors involved in achieving preconception health.

The American Journal of Health Promotion will publish a special issue on "Effective Strategies for Promoting Preconception Health - From Research to Practice". This special issue will emphasize (1) audience research to inform preconception health promotion strategies and tactics among consumers (teens, women, men, couples) and health care providers; (2) policy and legislative approaches that influence preconception health and health care promotion; (3) innovative public and private partnerships in reaching women of childbearing age; (4) new media and interactive health communication approaches that promote preconception health; (5) social marketing or health communication interventions that have demonstrated impact on preconception health behaviors; (6) promising practices in reaching special populations in the context of their communities; (7) theoretical frameworks to evaluate approaches to influence preconception health; and (8) evaluation of preconception health tools, materials, and messages. Manuscripts addressing one or more of these topics are especially encouraged. We are interested in commentaries, systematic reviews of the literature, empirical research and concept proposals. Manuscripts should be prepared according to the American Journal of Health Promotion's standard guidelines for authors: here. For this issue, we are interested in emerging research, innovative and promising practice, community and policy-based approaches to improve preconception health. The deadline for manuscript submission is January 15, 2012.

Procedures for Submitting Proposals
Prospective authors who wish to discuss manuscript ideas can contact Elizabeth W. Mitchell, Ph.D. at CDC, National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, Prevention Research Branch, 1825 Century Center Blvd, NE Atlanta, 30345; phone 404-498-0251, facsimile 404-498-0792 or email at bhm0@cdc.gov before November 1, 2011. Full manuscripts will need to be submitted by January 15, 2012.

AdministratorFlojaune Griffin
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Posted On: 10/07/2011 2:42 PM
Updated On: 10/07/2011 2:42 PM
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As we continue our work to improve the health of all Californians, please take a moment to celebrate this important achievement.

San Francisco Chronicle: Maternity care a must in health plans with new law (10/07/2012)

ContributorSuzanne Haydu
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Posted On: 10/07/2011 2:58 PM
Updated On: 10/07/2011 2:58 PM
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Two important announcements:

The Business Case for Breastfeeding: Strategies for Health Plans Webinar October 25, 2011 1-2:30PM

Please note the ordering directions for the MCAH folic acid education materials have been updated. Go to http://www.cdph.ca.gov/healthinfo/healthyliving/nutrition/Pages/FolicAcidResources.aspx to view the folic acid pamphlets and posters. The directions are posted below the folic education materials.

The materials available are:
Folic Acid: Every Woman, Every Day pamphlets (English): Publication (Pub) Number 410.
Acido Fólico: Cada Mujer, Cada Día pamphlets (Spanish): Pub Number 411.
Folic Acid: Every Woman, Every Day 11” X 17” posters (English): Pub Number 412.
Acido Fólico: Cada Mujer, Cada Día 11” X 17” posters (Spanish): Pub Number 413.

Should you have questions, please contact Suzanne Haydu, M.P.H., R.D., Nutrition and Physical Activity Coordinator for the MCAH Division at (916) 650-0382.

ContributorMaria Jocson
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Posted On: 10/10/2011 4:47 PM
Updated On: 10/10/2011 4:47 PM
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The Spanish version of the MCAH Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Fact Sheet is now available on the MCAH Perinatal Substance Use Prevention webpage:

Please share this information with your partners and stakeholders.

ContributorMary Jane Roebuck
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Posted On: 10/11/2011 3:38 PM
Updated On: 10/11/2011 3:38 PM
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Register now for the Interconception and Preconception Health Summit on November 1st, 2011 in Los Angeles,
The Summit will highlight the new Interconception Care Guidelines, produced by ACOG, District IX and the March of Dimes California Chapter in collaboration with the Preconception Health Council of California.
Registration fee: $90 (including meals and materials)
CME and CEU credits will be available.

For more information and to register online, please visit: http://www.marchofdimes.com/california/2260_27729.asp

AdministratorDana Edelman
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Posted On: 10/12/2011 4:25 PM
Updated On: 10/12/2011 4:25 PM
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Greetings all-
The ICPC Guidelines are now available on the EveryWomanCalifornia.org website. The guidelines were developed as part of a collaborative effort between the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists District IX and March of Dimes with support from the Preconception Health Council of California.

AdministratorSangi Rajbhandari
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Posted On: 10/24/2011 4:31 PM
Updated On: 10/24/2011 4:31 PM
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Bookmarks and wallet cards that promote everywomancalifornia.org and cadamujercadadia.org are available for download (and printing) here:

The bookmarks and wallet cards are available in English and in Spanish. All feature a mnemonic with preconception health tips to help women stay healthy every day.

ContributorMary Jane Roebuck
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Posted On: 11/16/2011 9:19 AM
Updated On: 11/16/2011 9:19 AM
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The Maternal and Child Health Life Course Research Network (MCH LCRN), a new project managed by the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families and Communities is conducting a survey of life-course focused programs and initiatives around the country. See the attached Word document for more information.
The deadlnie for responses is 30th November. The survey is online only and can be accessed at:

Download Files:

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AdministratorFlojaune Griffin
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Posted On: 12/15/2011 4:10 PM
Updated On: 12/15/2011 4:10 PM
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MCAH is excited to celebrate Folic Acid Awareness Week January 8-14, 2012. See below for ways to join us and please distribute this message widely.

1) Consuming a B vitamin called folic acid is a great way to maintain women’s health and reduce serious birth defects by 50-70%
2) All women ages 15-44 need to take 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day
3) Women should take folic acid even if they have no immediate plans to become pregnant because many pregnancies are unplanned and defects may occur before women know they are pregnant

1. Direct traffic to www.everywomancalifornia.org and cadamujercadadia.org
2. Follow CAPublicHealth and PHCCalifornia on Twitter and retweet folic acid messages
3. Encourage teens to sign up for the todayisfortomorrow.org weekly text message updates
4. Promote your resources and activities on everywomancalifornia.org. Email Flojaune.griffin@cdph.ca.gov by January 5, 2012 with a blurb in 250 characters or fewer (including links)

• A CDPH press release will highlight the importance of folic acid, discuss the week’s events, and direct people to everywomancalifornia.org
• SaveMart and Raley’s stores in California will have information about folic acid on display during this week
• Plans to air the 60-second public service announcement on Spanish-language radio stations are being finalized and will be shared ASAP

RESOURCES TO SHARE (Available in English & Spanish)
CDPH Posters and Pamphlets Note: Order by 12/23 to ensure timely delivery
• Every Woman California Information Sheets
• Every Woman California Bookmarks and Wallet Cards

Please contact me if you have any questions about preconception health or folic acid week.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Flojaune Griffin, PhD, MPH
Preconception Health Coordinator
Policy Development Branch
Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division

California Department of Public Health
1615 Capital Avenue PO Box 997420, MS 8306
Sacramento, CA 95899-7420
Email: Flojaune.Griffin@cdph.ca.gov
P: 916-341-6333

For more information on Preconception Health, please visit: www.everywomancalifornia.org

ContributorTerri Thorfinnson
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Posted On: 12/16/2011 5:05 PM
Updated On: 12/16/2011 5:05 PM
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HHS released guidance on essential benefits today. This is preliminary guidance, so they are open to additional input on this guidance until January 2012. It includes our recommendation of state flexibility which is good for CA.



Terri A. Thorfinnson, J.D.
Chief, Office of Women’s Health
Department of Health Care Services and
California Department of Public Health
P.O. Box 997413, MS0027
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

Empower Yourself: Live Better, Live Longer

ContributorSuzanne Haydu
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Posted On: 12/16/2011 5:18 PM
Updated On: 12/16/2011 5:18 PM
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2nd Annual California Breastfeeding Summit

Goal of Hospital Summit: To Inspire and Equip California Hospitals and Community Partners to Improve Mother-Baby Outcomes!

REGISTRATION for the 2nd Annual California Breastfeeding Summit is OPEN!
Early bird registration ends December 30, 2011.

Space is Limited! Register now
View and download the registration information packet at the California Breastfeeding Coalition website

Special 10% discount on registration for hospitals and organizations sending four or more people to the summit!

Please join us for the California Breastfeeding Summit-Catch the Wave! Cutting Edge Practices to Improve Mother-Baby Outcomes if you are:
Hospital administration, managers who want tools and resource to implement cutting edge maternity policies ad practices that increase exclusive breastfeeding.
• Hospital administration, manager and staff who want to create an infrastructure and plan to take steps to implement maternity policies and practices that increase exclusive breastfeeding and meet the requirements of SB 502.
Physicians and Health Care Providers who want to increase breastfeeding knowledge and skills to support mothers prenatally and beyond hospital discharge.
Community support organizations and public health professionals who want to learn about best practices to support breastfeeding mothers.

If you have questions, please contact Robbie at robbie@californiabreastfeeding.org.

ContributorSuzanne Haydu
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Posted On: 12/16/2011 6:17 PM
Updated On: 12/16/2011 6:17 PM
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Upcoming Webinar: Overview of the CDC National Healthy Worksite Program

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently began a program to engage and recruit 70-100 small, medium, and large businesses and lead them through the process of building a core workplace health program. A webinar will be held on Tuesday December 20, 2011, 11AM-12PM PST to discuss the goals, objectives, and activities involved in the National Healthy Worksite Program. Register at: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/703198246.

ContributorJessica Trowbridge
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Posted On: 12/19/2011 11:26 AM
Updated On: 12/19/2011 11:26 AM
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Greetings and Happy Holidays,

UCTV is presenting a speaker series "Younger Women and Breast Cancer Risk Factors, Imaging, Environmental Factors, and Health" Go to: http://www.uctv.tv/zerobreastcancer/

Beginning today on UCTV and online through January 16th.

Today's speaker from the Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment discusses environmental exposures before and during pregnancy and the effect on development and cancer susceptibility. http://www.uctv.tv/search-details.aspx?showID=23067

“Environmental Exposures, Reproductive Development and Periods of Susceptibility”
Premiering on Monday, December 19th (2011), Tracey Woodruff PhD, MPH, Director, UCSF Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment, illuminates the effects of the environment on reproductive development and cancer susceptibility. Additional broadcast dates and online video:
http://uctv.tv/zerobreastcancer (show ID=23067)

“Taking Charge: Physical Activity, Neighborhood Environments, City Planning and Health”
Premiering on Monday, December 26th (2011), Irene H. Yen, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor in the
UCSF Division of General Internal Medicine, presents the relationship of exercise and obesity to breast cancer risk, and how city and neighborhood planning can support policies that promote physical activity and public health. Additional broadcast dates and online video: http://uctv.tv/zerobreastcancer (show ID=23068)

“Breast Cancer Incidence, Risk Factors, Prevention and Treatment for Younger Women”
Premiering on Monday, January 9th (2012), Judith Luce, M.D., Director of Oncology Services at UCSF
San Francisco General Hospital, presents medical issues for younger women of average and higher risk for breast cancer, including lifestyle factors that reduce risk, and medical treatments and prevention. Additional broadcast dates and online video: http://uctv.tv/zerobreastcancer (show ID=22921)

Breast Imaging Options and Issues for Women under Age 40
Premiering on Monday, January 9th (2012), Lori Strachowski, M.D., Director of Women’s Imaging at
UCSF San Francisco General Hospital, presents breast imaging techniques, technologies, terminology and guidelines for younger women at increased risk for breast disease, as well as consumer rights. Additional broadcast dates and online video: http://uctv.tv/zerobreastcancer (show ID=23066)

Download Files:

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AdministratorSangi Rajbhandari
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Posted On: 12/20/2011 9:08 AM
Updated On: 12/20/2011 9:08 AM
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FDA proposes draft guidelines intended to improve the representation of women in medical device clinical studies

Draft guidance aimed to address the historic underrepresentation of women in clinical studies was issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Intended for medical device developers and manufacturers, the guidance outlines agency recommendations for designing and conducting device clinical studies that may enhance the enrollment of women in such studies, if appropriate. Learn more.

The FDA is seeking input on this draft guidance during a 90 day public comment period. The draft guidance can be found here.

AdministratorFlojaune Griffin
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Posted On: 01/09/2012 5:39 PM
Updated On: 01/09/2012 5:39 PM
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As part of National Folic Acid Awareness Week, Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell from CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities will be discussing the great work that the National Preconception Health Consumer Work Group has been doing related to social marketing activities on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 from 10am-11am PST.

Because there are only 50 telephone lines available for the webinar, MCAH has set up a bridge line for participants in California. To access the bridge line and webinar, please follow the instructions below:

Copy this address and paste it into your web browser:
Copy and paste the required information:
Meeting ID: 5JRC4G
MCAH Bridge Line: (517) 386-7117
Passcode: 3467890

AdministratorFlojaune Griffin
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Posted On: 03/13/2012 11:45 AM
Updated On: 03/13/2012 11:45 AM
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WIC is generously offering to provide for free and ship the WIC materials listed below:

Feed Me! Ages 1-3 and 4-5, in English and Spanish.

If you have programs that serve children under the age of 5 and are interested in materials, please email flojaune.griffin@cdph.ca.gov by Friday, March 16, 2012 as follows:
1) subject line "WIC Materials"
2) program mailing address(es)
3) quantities requested

ContributorSuzanne Haydu
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Posted On: 03/13/2012 11:55 AM
Updated On: 03/13/2012 11:55 AM
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Mini-Grant Funding Available for Pedestrian Safety Public Education Campaign

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Safe and Active Communities Branch (SACB) is pleased to offer mini-grants for local implementation of the newly released “It’s Up to Us” pedestrian safety education campaign. Using California Kids’ Plates funding, CDPH is offering qualified organizations the opportunity to request up to $4,999.99 for youth-focused educational activities.

Attached to this email is the Request for Mini-Grant Application, which provides information on background, grant activities, timeline, funding requirements, and the 2-page application. Also included with this email is form STD 204, Payee Data Record, which is required as part of the application submission.

Please help us disseminate this Mini-Grant Application to organizations that serve children and youth, or those whom have contact with youth-serving organizations.

For more information contact:
Maria Altamero, Lisa Cirill, Victoria Custodio, Kristin Haukom, Justine Hearn, and Patti Horsley
Tel: (916) 445-2774


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